Very Berry

With so many fruity drinks to choose from, it’s important to use the finest ingredients to achieve flavour perfection. Unlike many other fruit drinks, we do not use artificial colours, flavours or aromas – we just let nature do it all for us and we know that you can taste the difference…
CARUMBOLA Very Berry is a zingy blend of Raspberry, Cranberry, Acai and a host of other 100% natural berry juices, brought together harmoniously using pure Caribbean white rum.
Just one sip is sure to leave you wanting more!

What our customers say and how they prefer to drink it …

The lovely rich red colour draws me to CARUMBOLA, I find it really attractive – then the intense aromas of mixed berries keep me coming back for more!- Trish, 61
Two measures of Very Berry with ice and Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic in a glass is the perfect marriage!- Paul, 68
Very refreshing poured over ice – an ideal drink for sharing when you’re relaxing on the terrace with friends.- Marc, 49